Five tips for the beautiful eyebrows

The eyebrows are a significant part of your face and gather most of the attention of the looker as they complete the look of your eyes. When a person looks at you 80% of the time, he seems on your eyes. So the beautifully made eyebrows could create a beautiful image of yours on the other person while messy and bushy brows could see specific kill the look. Therefore it is natural and essential to pay particular importance to your eyebrows and learn how and when to treat them.

Why do you need tips for the beautification of brows?

Here are some fantastic tips to help you learn how to get the most amazing eyebrows. Perfectly spaced and beautifully plucked eyebrows could undoubtedly give your face an uplift that none of the other practices could do. If you would keep these tips in practice, you will surely start to have well-maintained eyebrows for good.

  • Do not over pluck the brows

The first thing you have to pay attention to is the natural growth of your eyebrows. Having thick eyebrows is not a crime. Do not over pluck them to make them look unnaturally thin and sleek. Just pluck out the extra hair from the sides that make your brows look bushy. Sometimes women over pluck their brows, and the hair does not grow back. If you have very thin eyebrows naturally try picking some beauty products that enhance the growth of hair in your brow line.

  • Determine the right required shape

If you have never had your eyebrows plucked before, we advise you to get them plucked by a professional for the first time. Once you have reached the idea as to how it is shaped, you can maintain it yourself. If the form goes out of order, you could pluck off half of your brow just to make it match the other one. When you have to pluck the hair from between the eyebrows, make use of the ruler technique. When you have to pluck the hair to make the brow thinner, just pluck from below the hairline.

  • Do give trimming a try

Sometimes we misjudge what to do with our eyebrows and start plucking them off without noticing that all they require is trimming. A small scissor can help you with that. All you have to do is to brush up your brow with mascara and then cut them with a little scissor. Same happens with the lashes. We cut them thinking them to be over long but they are just beautiful, and then we keep wondering do eyelashes grow back.

  • Color your brows too

When you are out to the salon to dye your hair, remember your eyebrows as well. If you pick a very light colored dye, your eyebrows would stand out a lot on your face and would not give a natural look. Therefore you must lighten up your eyebrows too. For this, you can bleach them for a minute or half or get the services from your salon.

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