How to Save Money

When it comes to shopping, it can seem like a grind to make all of your repeat purchases, such as groceries, week in and week out. Not to mention the cost. It’ll seem like a greedy vampire is sucking your savings dry the way you’re losing money. That’s just the way it is, though… right? Wrong? While corporate greed still runs amok, and money makes the world go ‘round, there are ways to both mitigate the tedium of repeat shopping and save a ton of money while doing, and the secret lies within the internet! Welcome to the internet; I am your guide. (Sorry for the memes!) Here are a few important tips to help you shop smarter.

First and foremost, our most frequent repeat purchases are going to be at the grocery store, so that’s the place to start. While strolling down the aisles of your local grocery store, be sure to look to lower shelves for big savings. The reason for this is, as you might guess, another fine example of corporate greed. In essence, big corporations have bought the rights to eye level shelves to make sure their products are the go to choice of casual shoppers. Therefore, you can save a ton with off brand products on the lower shelves. And, before you worry about the quality of these products, know that, from one scrimper to another, they’re almost always just as good as the name brand variety and much, much more affordable. Another thing to look out for is processed foods. These convenient food items, such as frozen pizzas and the like, will save you time in the kitchen, which is valuable. However, the time saved is not as valuable as the extra money you’ll spend on these items. Instead, you should spend that extra time cooking your own meals using fresh ingredients. Not only will you save money, but it’s better for your body, too.

Outside of the grocery store, much of the same principles can be applied. For instance, be on the lookout constantly for sales, coupons, and other limited time offers. Retailers employ these cost cutting offers frequently to drum up some extra business, so an eagle eyed shopper can save a ton by taking advantage. You’ll need to be vigilant and scour the internet for these great offers, so that you can save on your new wardrobe from American Apparel and many more. You won’t believe how easy it is to find what you’re looking for at a discount with a Google search and some patience. And, then, of course, there’s Groupon, the mecca of savings, to provide you with a ton of cost cutting coupons and other sweet savings.

With these tips in mind, you’ll be sure to save a ton of money moving forward, which will free up more of your finances for the things you want most, be they material or experiential. Or, these tips could simply help you get out of making ends meet territory and allow you to feel at ease for once. Either way, I’m happy to help, and know that I’ve been there, so I know you’ll be fine.