Limitations that the elastic shoelace help to address

All new inventions come to address a limitation a previous version may have. While the traditional shoestring has yet to be obsolete, it is just a matter of time before elastic shoelaces totally take over this function. The conventional shoestring has provided solution to footwear fitting problem for many decades.

However, users of the shoelace still face various limitations from using this conventional shoe fastener. These are the challenges that the developers of the modern fastener option hope to overcome. The features of the elastic version allow transformation of how users use shoe laces in their day to day lives. Switching to these modern fasteners offers you a chance to get the most out of your shoes.

With this modern version of the shoe fastener, you will pull your footwear forward to the modern world. A world that is fast paced and looking for solutions that effectively take care of any product shortcoming. Shoe fasteners are not always on people’s mind but they do affect human life in one way or the other. Here are some of the solutions this modern fasteners offer:


Modern shoe fasteners allow for flexible movement of the foot. They do not confine the foot in any way. This makes it possible to have a fitting shoe but you are still able to carryout various activities. You can easily walk, hike, jump and even kick balls without having to feel your shoe as too tight to do. The flexibility of the elastic lace enables it to accommodate your action.

Apart from being flexible, the fastener remains in place. The activities of the day will not make it to become undone. This cannot be said of the traditional shoelaces that are prone to getting untied. They get in the way of various activities as they may require adjustment to accommodate some movements you make.

Comfortable fit

The ability to create an exact fit makes your shoes feel comfortable at all times. The elasticity of the fastener means that it can never feel too tight. It will always feel comfortable wearing your shoes as the fastener will stretch to accommodate any expansion of your foot. Since the shoe fastener stays in place until you make the adjustment yourself, you will always enjoy the comfortable fit you initially set.

The fasteners are broad in their design. This means that no matter how tight they might feel, they will still never cause any discomfort to the wearer. Again here, the elastic nature of the plastic material ensures that the fit will never be too tight to cause any distress in any way.

Easy adjustment

The elastic fasteners are easy to adjust. They are easy to use and in time you will get the hang of making accurate adjustments. They are times when you require a tight fit and in other occasions you want a more loose fit. By changing the style you use to place the fastener in place, you can affect the level of fit that you want.

Using these fasteners does not require lacing the shoe. You just need to place the end of the fasteners in the shoe eyelets. You can easily move the fasteners around until you get the fit that you want for your shoe.


The modern shoe laces offers a lot of convenience. It will change how you look at the shoe fastener in future. Since the fasteners are elastic, you can still have them in place as you put on and pull off your shoes. You do not require unfastening then before you do so. This reduces the time it takes to put on or pull of your shoes. If you are a busy person, you will truly appreciate it.

Convenience also comes in that you do not need to make frequent adjustment or tie shoe strings that have become undone. Using these latest shoe fasteners will offer meaningful transformation to your footwear.

Clean-cut footwear

Using the elastic fasteners will mean that you will give your shoes a modern clean look. You will not have hanging strings that come about from untied laces. You will not have loose shoes that slip off due to loose fit occasioned by a poor fit. You can transform all your footwear as this shoe fastening option fits all types of shoes.

It is easy to keep the elastic laces clean at all times. At the end of the day, you will end up with a smart look as you will have sharp looking shoes.