Wedding rings in rose gold and red gold – find your perfect ring

Now discover wedding rings in rose gold and rose gold, because we are wedding! Under this motto you will find at Petragems exactly the right GIA Certified Diamonds wedding rings, wedding rings and wedding rings suitable for your personal wedding. After all, a beautiful ring should not only remind you of a wonderful wedding reception, but also ensure an always stylish appearance on your hands. The bandwidth and the choices are huge. And wedding rings in bright red gold are a guaranteed eye-catcher, whether in combination with a sparkling diamond or plain and without stone in the low-priced variant.


How the perfect wedding rings red gold look for you and your sweetheart. Because it is not by chance that we have made the motto ‘We are wedding’ very big on the flags. We want your wedding to be an unforgettable experience. And we look forward to every couple we can accompany in the time to wedding with our expertise. Those who opt for wedding rings made of red gold 585, not only make an excellent choice for a brilliant appearance, but also rely on a real jewelry classic. No wonder, because the Gold 585 alloy is one of the most popular alloys ever and is very popular in the processing of beautiful gold jewelry. Red gold rings are a special eye-catcher, whether in combination with a sparkling diamond, or plain and without stone in a cheaper version. Many models for wedding rings rose gold are available for you to choose from.

Different surfaces make wedding rings so special

Classic wedding rings in red gold have a very special story: Already among the ancient Romans gold was one of the most popular precious metals. The acronym Au for the shiny material also dates back to that time. Aurum is the Latin word for gold, so gold is still called Au 79. The gold alloy 750 is also known as the so-called 18-karter. For here, the proportion of fine gold is no less than 75 percent, which not only ensures very short melt intervals, but also for the most versatile design possibilities. The color shade of pink gold has changed completely over the years. Today, this color is not only popular in the world of fashion or interior design, also in terms of Natural Sapphire Rings this variant enjoys an ever-increasing popularity. This circumstance certainly has to do with the fact that this is a very special gold alloy – it is the combination of real fine gold, copper and a touch of silver that makes red gold so special. Because this alloy can be processed not only to the most extraordinary pieces of jewelry, the copper content ensures not only the noble color but also a special scratch resistance. The conclusion for classic wedding rings rose gold is: Thanks to the increased copper content they shine in a very special shimmer, can be perfectly combined with various garments and are also very robust – we think it all sounds like a good omen for every marriage at! We hope you enjoy discovering your wedding rings rose gold and a radiant appearance: Find now in the wedding ring forging the cheap and matching wedding rings rose gold.