How to buy age appropriate developmental toys:

Buying a toy is not as simple a task as it seems to be. With all the options available, it is easy to get overwhelmed by not only the functions available, but also by the sheer number of children’s toys available today. When buying a toy for your child, or as a gift for another child, there are a few things that you need to be aware of. While the newest toy with all the lights and sounds might seem like a good idea, if you check the age limit, it is probably aimed at an older child.

Buying an educational toy is a good idea, as it can have a positive impact on the development of your child, as well as teaching them independent play and to use their imaginations. To assist you in finding the best educational toy, look online is a good option, where you can read Fat Brain Toys reviews to help you make a decision.

Toys are rated by age for a reason. While younger children might gain more from a simple set of stacking blocks, which suits their developmental needs perfectly, an older child might find it tedious, and it would cause boredom. Toys will increase in function as the age-recommendation increases.

Here are 4 tips to keep in mind when buying an age appropriate toy:

Tip 1

Keep it simple. A younger child does not need an intricate toy with many lights and sounds, as this can often be overwhelming, and does not allow the child to guide the plat. A simpler toy would encourage the child to use their imagination to enjoy the toy more.

Tip 2

Limit electronics and screen time for children under two. While a simple keyboard type toy that makes a few sounds and has lights is a great toy, it can often lead to boredom due to its limiting functions.

Tip 3

Rotate the toys often. Only keep a few toys out at a time and rotate them frequently. This gives your child the option of a new, often forgotten about toy, so it seems like it is a brand new toy.

Tip 4

Not all toys that promise to be educational are. An educational toy will require the child to do something with it, like pull or push it to make it move. It has limited functions and focuses more on development of gross and fine motor skills, which are crucial for later in life.

If you are not sure if a toy is appropriate for your child’s age, take note of the age limit on the packaging. Some toys have age limits as they are not suitable for younger children due to the materials used as well as any loose parts that may be swallowed and can cause choking.  By reading reviews of a toy or store, or buying toys from a more reputable store, you are provided with a multitude of options that are rated by age specifically. And as always, if you are in doubt, ask someone to assist you.

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