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Why is Online Gifting Better and Popular?

Do you remember the last time you stepped out of the house to buy a gift? Well, we guess it’s hard for you because it’s been long. Yes, since the advancement of the technology, there has been a burgeoning increase in the online gift portals.

From a small token to an extravagant piece and apparels to handicrafts to jewellery; you can buy any gift for anyone you wish as per your choice on online gifting portals. In addition to the variety, several other factors make online gifting better and popular than the conventional means of gift shopping.

So, let’s see what it is that lures you and many to buy gifts online?

1) Comfort and convenience: Comfort and convenience are one of the factors that make online gift shopping highly accessible. Being seated in your homes or while travelling, you can order a gift for your dear ones in a single click or a tap. Unlike the traditional methods, where you have to take the effort of going out at a particular time, online shopping is not chained by the restrictions of time and place. It is highly comfortable and convenient.

2) Doorstep Delivery: This one is an extension of the first one. Online gifting portal eliminates your manual labour of taking the gift to the recipient because they provide doorstep delivery facility. Hence, again, online gifting portals take care of your comfort and convenience. All you need to do is fill in the receiver’s address, date and time of the delivery, and you can rest assured the gift will be delivered.

3) Cross border Gifting: Earlier sending a gift to your friends and family residing abroad, say Canada, USA, UAE or any other country was a distant dream. Even if you could, it was a costly affair. Not any more with online gifting portals. Many online gifting platforms facilitates its customers with the choice to send gifts abroad at cost-effective prices. So, now, the only effort on your part is to look for a website that offers this facility and send your tokens of love overseas. With rakhi knocking at the doors, browse reputed online rakhi websites and send rakhi to Canada, Australia, Sweden, or anywhere your brother lives.

 4) Evolving and Advancements: Online marketplaces are pushing their boundaries all the time. These platforms keep on evolving to provide their customers with more comfort, convenience, new features, and more exceptional shopping experience. Like the latest feature is the express delivery that allows you to send gift within a few hours or the Amazon Dash– a button that you can place anywhere, say the washing area and can go for delivery of washing powder if you run out of it.

 5) Cost-Effectiveness: Online gifting is pocket friendly. Within the comfort of your home or office, you can hunt for cheap deals, compare the prices of the same goods on different platforms; something which is missing in offline gift shops. Moreover, coupons, free delivery facilities make online shopping more affordable.


These 5 factors, along with variety, easy return policy, less distractions, make online gifting better and popular than the traditional gifting methods. It’s the digital age, and digital means of shopping has redefined the shopping experience, for good.

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